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  Thursday   July 27, 2017
Variable Annuities Rebuilding
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Welcome to Variable Annuities Online
We are rebuilding our site, to add your variable annuity product to our site please call 866-812-6800.

Low-Cost Variable Annuity Annuities
Who sells the lowest-cost variable annuities in the industry? We have compiled a list of the 5 lowest-cost variable annuities, a summary of the their chages and fees, if any, product features and how to purchase them or tranfer funds from an existing variable annuity.

Variable Annuity Portfolio Tracking System
We have just improved our "Variable Annuity Portfolio Tracking System" and it's easier to use! Create one or more Variable Annuity Portfolios and each week we'll calculate your return on investment. We'll tell you what your return is for each subaccount, your total return and the percentage breakdown of your investment by investment objective. - Free Registration

Variable Annuity Analytical Tools
The "Performance Analysis" section has been enhanced! Now you can select one or more products and compare the performance of the subaccounts found only within those products.

The "Performance Analysis" section of our site offers the most comprehensive analytical tools available on the net. Search, sort, rank and evaluate the performance of over 14,000 subaccounts found within 600 variable annuity policies. Screen and find the top performing subaccounts by investment objective, total assets, mortality expense, rates of return over time intervals from one week to ten years.

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